Spark More Referrals and Close More Clients
Simplify Your Message So Families Will Listen
We help estate planning attorneys stand out and make more connections so they can help more families.
Simplify Your Message So Families Will Listen
Spark More Referrals and Close More Clients
We help estate planning attorneys stand out and make more connections so they can help more families.
Our Team Has Been Featured On:
Our Team Has Been Featured On:
How We Can Help You
Attract More Clients with Video Marketing
Stand out from the competition and grow your revenue with videos.
Nurture and Close More Clients
Help prospects make decisions faster and shorten your sales cycle.
More Referrals
Engage your referral network and create new referral opportunities.
“Yan Media has increased our revenue by transforming the way we talk to our clients and referral sources. They've become an essential part of our team in the past two years.” 
- Jennifer Fu, Esq.
Attract Clients with Video Marketing
Estate planning is a saturated market. No longer is word-of-mouth enough to be the first attorney they call. Video marketing is the best way to stand out. 

We've helped firms increase their revenues by marketing their services with cinematic videos and original shows. We'll help you do the same and connect with families who need your help. 
Celaya Law
(Over 500% ROI)
Voyant Legal
(Over 300% ROI)
Speedwell Law
(2,500% Increase in Online Leads)
Generate More Referrals
The best clients come from word-of-mouth, but many estate planning attorneys don't have an effective system to generate more referrals. We'll help you create and manage your referral generation system that invites financial advisors, other professionals, and your clients to spread the word.

Give your relationships the proper attention they deserve. We can help.
Deepen Relationships
Our referral generation system will help you engage your referral network, deepen relationships, and create new referral opportunities.
Spark More Referrals
Most people want to refer clients to you, but they don't know how to. We'll craft emails, guides, and videos to help them spread the word.
Save Time and Grow
We'll help you and your staff reduce administrative tasks and maximize your firm’s growth.
“Yan Media is my marketing Moses. I encountered several false prophets before Yan Media. Now I have the practice I want and I'm putting my best foot forward with how I communicate with my referral network and potential clients.” 
- Michael Gill, Esq.
Nurture and Close More Clients
Estate planning is a relationship business, but many attorneys don't have the time to nurture and follow up with their prospects. This leads to poor customer service and warm leads quickly become stale. We'll build and manage your lead nurturing system to engage prospects from the moment they schedule a consultation. 

Don't let another opportunity fall through the cracks.
Nurture and Build Trust
We'll help you streamline your intake process, educate your prospects, and gain their trust before they meet with you. Let's start the attorney-client relationship on the right foot.
Continuous Engagement
Say goodbye to canned newsletters that don't spark action. We'll craft engaging emails and manage your follow ups to help families make decisions faster.
Shorten the Sales Cycle
Our lead nurturing system will make your sales cycle shorter and more human-friendly.
Voyant Legal’s mantra is “Estate Planning That Works.” But they needed help to connect with their prospective clients and referral network. We told their unique story in this powerful video to deepen their relationship with their community.

Since working with us, their ROI is over 300%.
Why You Should Work With Us
As estate planning attorneys ourselves, we understand it's tough to build better relationships when you have no time, no system, and no team. That's why we created a human-centered system to help nurture your referral network, improve your client experience, and attract new clients.
We're Attorneys
Our team are estate planning attorneys, the directors of marketing at their firms, and have been recognized by Super Lawyers and The National Advocates.
Proven Success
We've helped dozens of estate planning attorneys stop wasting time and money, and get their practices growing by amplifying their communication process.
Coaching & Support
We offer monthly coaching calls to set marketing metrics, and refocus your strategy. Our passion is to help you grow in a predictable and productive way.
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